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Netra Halperin
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Goals for the State of Hawaii

Netra is working towards creative solutions to all issues facing Hawaii. For example:

Economy | Education | Healthcare | Drug Abuse Treatment & Crime Prevention | Environment | Agriculture

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Just like the savings and loan crisis in the '80s, we are currently experiencing unprecedented fraud by banks and investment companies. It is the unregulated trading (wagering) on mortgages, not the mortgages themselves that created the bank failure and foreclosures. More and more people will continue to lose their homes and the economy will not recover until decicive action is taken. The federal government can stop this. The Hawaii legislature can also do its share by forcing foreclosing bank accountability. Act 48 is a good first step.

Also, federal financial policies have worked to consolidate the wealth in the hands of the few, while the middle class looses wealth and assets. See this 2005 article by Citigroup and 2 minute video by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor.

Netra's News - ep. 8: From Speculation to Occupation

Netra's News Premiere Episode - Bank bailouts, recession & foreclosures explained: Former Federal Bank Regulator, Anne Jenny

Bailout funds could have been put to better use

Elected officials should act to prevent bank fraud

Hawaii mortgages should be investigated

Lawmakers boost Economy

Tea Party agenda lacks a plan to fix the system

Interview with Jason Schwartz - Financial meltdown

American dream turns into nightmare

Efforts being made to help the homeless

BofA offers to help fix mortgages -- if you’re a state legislator

Wrote home business bill for 2009, 2011 legislature
Owned and operated real estate investment, renovation, rental management and tourism businesses
Professional grant writer

Action plan:
Creating Advocacy group: HUB - Hawaii United Borrowers. Works to improve legislation and judicial process for Hawaii mortgage borrowers

Support pro-small business, Film industry and high technology and renewable energy legislation

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Our keiki need a well-rounded education -- including art, music, physical education, and team building, in locally controlled schools, which will prepare children to be successful adults in the 21st century.

Substitute teacher
Founding member, Kihei School Furlough Friday art, music, dance enrichment program
Masters degree psychology - emphasis child & family therapy
Social worker (twelve years)

Action plan:
In communication with Asst. Secretary of Education
Will introduce legislation for “whole child” education
Support Charter (free, non-profit) schools
Support reorganization of Department of Education (local school boards, bringing many administrators back into the classroom; where assistance is most needed)

Hawaii education 101 (Maui Weekly)

Netra_Speaks_about_Hawaii_Education_at_Teacher Furlough Rally (YouTube)

Pre-school Cuts Society Costs by Readying Children for Better Lives (Maui News)
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It is a priority to make healthcare services available to all residents, including a new medical facility on the South side. I am working with the Malulani team to create a state of the art teaching hospital in the Kihei Tech Park. With this facility we can begin to realize our dreams of comprehensive, quality healthcare for all, including widespread prevention and the use of 21st century health technologies to improve quality of care,  reduce costs and enable people to age in place. Maui residents have been dying for years because of inadequate health care.
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drug abuse text

As a social worker, Netra is very aware of the ice epidemic and the harm that it is doing to our families and the community as a whole. Our state government is squandering scarce resources in ineffective approaches such as mandatory sentencing and incarceration. New evidence shows this approach ineffective and wasteful.  Increasing drug treatment and social services is a much more productive and worthwhile use of taxpayer dollars.

Netra Halperin testifies against new jail at Maui County Council

Most arrestees don't need to be in jail

Use money to pay for rehabilitation, not new jail (Maui News - near bottom of page)

Citizens Need Treatment, not Incarceration(Maui Weekly)

Drug_court_more_effective,_less_costly_than prison (Maui News)

Proposed Pu`unene Prison & Alternatives (video on Kihei Community Association panel Netra organized and participated in)

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Netra at SOS Metal Recycling

Our environment — especially our oceans — are our health & our wealth: we must protect it. Maui has the potential to become a model of sustainability -- even becoming a research & development center for renewable energy.

Participated in numerous South Maui Reef Sustainability Committee events. 
Consultant, Clean and Green Jobs training program.

Show me the Power - testimony - PUC

Transmission lines should be underground

Action plan:
WorkingwithEnvironmental Scientist consultant to address Coastal Zone Management implementation.
Suppor trenewable energy; especiallycreatingpubliclyowned non-profit coops.

Sustainable practices preserve and recycle resources so that at least as much of these resources will be available for the next generation. Thrivable takes it to the next level.
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It is essential to our health and safety to support local agriculture (both small and large farms) and to serve locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables in our schools (for improved behavior, long-term health, enhanced learning), hospitals (quicker recovery) and kapuna housing (longevity, quality of life). This will also decrease healthcare costs shared by all. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made the stuning prediction that of children born in 2000, one third will develope diabetes in their lifetime, and one half of all minority children (including Native Hawaiians) will develope this debilitating disease. More fresh as opposed to processed food will contribute to healthier children and adults. Netra is working with schools and farms to serve more fresh produce to school children.

Co-founder, Slow Food Maui (opposite of “fast food”) working to bring fresh fruits and vegetables into schools
Leadership Committee, $3.4 million Department of Health “Communities Putting Prevention to Work” grant (Maui and Kauai).

Action plan:
Facilitate more local produce served in schools, hospitals, kapuna housing, working with Maui Farmers Union.

Netra's News - ep. 5: Community & School Gardens


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