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Ep. 17: War Veterans

Ep. 16: Kihei Whale Sanctuary, Fish Pond, Dunes

Ep. 15: Renewable Energy & Sustainability Learning Center

Ep. 14: Solutions to Hunger & Homelessness

Ep 13: Maui Youth Centers and Clubs

Ep 12: Sustainable Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Ep 11: Sustainable Solutions for Building

Ep 10: Strengthening the Local Economy

Ep 9: Are GMOs Safe for Maui?

Ep 8: From Speculation to Occupation

Ep. 7: Womens Issues

Ep. 6 - Strategies for pet welfare on Maui

Ep. 5 - Community & school gardens - Rae Chandler, Dr. Lorrin Pang

Ep. 4 - Inergy & Intuition - Laura Van Wagner

Ep. 3 - Somalian refugee and human rights activist, Layla Sheikh

Ep. 2 - South Maui Watershed Project, Robin Knox

Premiere Episode: Causes of bank bailout & financial crisis with former bank regulator, Anne Jennny

Interview with Jason Schwartz - Financial meltdown

Netra Speaks about Hawaii Education at Teacher Furlough Rally

Not in my backyard (NIMBY)

Netra in "Life on Maui" with Steve Freid


What it's like to be homeless on Maui (Maui Time Weekly)

Kihei Outlet Malls Not Wanted (Maui Weekly)

Most Arrestees don't need to be in jail (Maui News)

Hawaii mortgages should be investigated (Maui News)

Bailout funds could have been put to better use (Maui News)

Lawmakers boost Economy (Maui Weekly)

Tea Party agenda lacks a plan to fix the system
(Maui News)

American dream turns into nightmare (Maui Weekly)

Efforts being made to help the homeless (Maui News)

BofA offers to help fix mortgages -- if you’re a state legislator (AOL Daily Finance)

Maui's Incarceration Conundrum (Maui Weekly)

Use money to pay for rehabilitation, not new jail (Maui News - near bottom of page)

Hawaii Education 101 (Maui Weekly)

Program exposes students to fresh fruit and vegetables (Maui News)

Citizens need treatment, not incarceration (Maui Weekly)

Consider the triple bottom line (Maui News: scroll down 1/3 of page)

Regulations and permitting process are major deterrents to constructing affordable housing (Maui News Viewpoint article)

Testimony about Homeless to House Finance Committee (All Hawaii News)

Core issue: how County Council handles controversial concerns (MN)

Pre-school Cuts Society Costs by Readying Children for Better Lives (MN)

Drug Court More Effective - Less Costly Than Prison (MN)

Pump Don't Dump Deserves Funds- Click Here (Maui Weekly)

Give Water Back to Taro - Click Here (Maui Weekly)

Only The Brave - Veteran Commentary


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