Netra Halperin


There are several ways to contribute to Netra's campaign:

Netra with Lorrin Pang, MD, MPH

Get involved:

A. Host a coffee at your home or invite Netra to   
__speak at an organization to which you belong.

B. Join in the candadate committee and help with
__making connections, canvassing, posting flyers, __etc. - whatever you can creatively think of!

C. Post a yard sign.

Please call or email to get involved
Contact Us Email

Obviously campaigning is expensive. Every dollar helps.
You can pay with your credit or debit card.

$10 Friend

$25 Cousin

$100. Auntie

$250. Uncle

$500. Fairy godmother
$2,000. Really want Netra to win

My Treat - other amount

Or you can Mail your campaign contribution check to:

Friends of Netra Halperin
P.O. Box 2057
Kihei, HI 96753


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