Netra Halperin
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Netra's demonstrated commitment to the people, businesses and organizations of South Maui ensures the same level of advocacy in the Hawaii legislature.


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Netra Halperin for State House - South Maui - 2012

Education & Innovation for a New Maui

“Representing a community is about relationship—relationship that is created by working together on projects and concerns of the community. It is not about saying that one wants to protect the environment or improve education or strengthen the economy—it is about actually engaging together in these activities. “

Netra Halperin is the only District 11 Democratic candidate who has been actively working with S. Maui: from co-founding Kihei Community Keiki Club Furlough Friday program to being an active member of the Southwest Maui Watershed Advisory Group, to her many episodes of Netra’s News focused on the people, businesses and organizations of South Maui.






"I had the privilege of working with Netra as she took the time to shadow me during this legislative session.  Her enthusiasm, energy and care for the many issues that were before us has inspired her to work even harder to improve the quality of life for the people of Hawaii"

State Rep. Mele Carroll

Netra Halperin working with Rep. Cabanilla

Economic Recovery • Policy support for small business is the quickest path to long-range economic growth. Also foreclosures must be stopped. Every home that goes into foreclosure lowers neighborhood values. This has a snow-balling effect. Banks must be required to show legal status to foreclose.

Educational Opportunity • It is time for the Kihei High School to be built! I will work dilagently to ensure that this project is expedited. I will also strive to bring art, music and P.E. back into the schools. Hawaii Education 101

Public Safety • We must begin treating the inter-generational substance abuse addictions and lack of job skills that create crime instead of overcrowding our prisons.
Education more important than incarceration
Facts about new jail aren't pretty

Environmental Protection • Clean oceans and reefs are our health and our wealth. Effective watershed management will eliminate flooding in Kihei.

horse_run Netra supports health & fitness: awarded Best Mounted Rider Makawao 4th of July Rodeo Parade, 2009
 Netra on shovelNetra promotes health through school and community gardens (working in Lokelani school garden)